St. John’s Renville


Tri-Parish Ministry: On Sunday, February 16, at the annual voters meeting, the members of St. Matthew’s Danube voted to become part of a Tri-parish ministry between St. Matthew’s Danube, St. Matthew Flora Twp, and St. John’s Renville. All three congregations have now agreed to be joined together in this way.  We thank all the members who gave their input.  We thank the council members who took the input from each of the congregations to work out the details of this partnership.  May God bless our work together.  We invite members and guests from all the congregations to make use of any of our current worship times and Bible Studies as we officially come together to praise our God and to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

New Schedule – Begins March 1  

A new Sunday morning worship schedule will go into effect on Sunday, March 1. 

St. Matthew Flora Twp. 

Worship Service at St. Matthew Flora Twp – 8:00 am

St. Matthew’s Danube

Worship Service at St. Matthew’s Danube – 9:30 am

Sunday School at St. Matthew’s Danube – 10:30 am

St. John’s Renville

Bible Class at St. John’s Renville – 10:00 am

Worship Service at St. John’s Renville –  11:00 am

{Sunday School at St. John’s will begin their new schedule on March 15}

Pastor Kuschel Has Received a Call:

On February 16, Pastor Kuschel received a Call to serve as pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church and School of Marshfield, WI.  Please keep Pastor Kuschel and his family in your prayers as he deliberates where he may serve the Lord.

Ash Wednesday – February 26: Ash Wednesday begins the season of Lent. This year our Midweek Lenten Services will begin on February 26.  Join us as we ponder the struggle and the sacrifice that our Savior went through to win the victory over sin and death that we needed.  May the solemn message of our Savior’s love for us sinners and the action he willing took to save us, compel us to struggle against sin in grateful service to Christ Jesus our King.  

Midweek Lenten Schedule

St. Matthew Flora Twp – Midweek Lenten Service 6:00 pm

St. Matthew’s Danube – Midweek Lenten Service 7:30 pm

St. John’s Renville –  Midweek Lenten Devotional 7:00 pm

A luncheon will be held after each service with a special offering in support of local ministries. 

Staff Minister Stephen Pankow to Lead Lenten Devotionals and Bible Study

Staff Minister Stephen Pankow will be serving the congregation of St. John Renville as he conducts Sunday morning Bible Class (starting March 1) and leads the midweek Lenten devotionals (starting February 26).  We thank Mr. Pankow for serving in this way.  May the Lord bless your ministry among us, Steve!

For more information about staff ministry please visit: