Bible Study

Bible Study Course Based on Dr. Wade Johnston’s book:

A Path Strewn With Sinners:

A Devotional Study of Mark’s Gospel and His Race to the Cross.

Lesson # 7: Mark 5:1-20 – The Only Sane Man in Gerasenes

Read Mark 5:1-20 and answer the following questions

As they went across the lake, they came to the region of the Gerasenes, how do we know that this was Gentile country?  What does this account reveal about Jesus?

Who greeted Jesus immediately after he disembarked the boat?  Describe him. 

What effect did demon-possession have on this man? 

What does this reveal about the devil and his demons?

When this man met Jesus what did he do?  What did he say? 

How did he reply when Jesus asked him to state his name? 

Where did the demons beg Jesus to send them?  What did they do to their new hosts? 

When crowds came to see what the commotion was all about what shocking sight(s) greeted them?

How did the people react to this display of Jesus’ power?  Why was this so shocking?

Discuss. What do you expect to come next?  They marveled and hailed Jesus as the Messiah.  They brought out all their sick and afflicted?  Did they fall to the ground in fear?  Nope.  None of that.  Rather, they begged Jesus to get out of there, to leave the whole region. And Jesus listened.  Sometimes God gives us what we want – may He spare us!  There are few things more dangerous than to be left to our fallen will.

What does the author mean that there are few things more dangerous than to be left to our fallen will?

Even though Jesus left, what would he do for these people? 

Apply:  Jesus listened and headed for the boat, and the only sane man in Gerasenes, the naked guy they couldn’t chain up who spent his nights cutting himself and crying out loud, wanted to follow, for Jesus had saved him, had given him back his body, mind, soul.  But Jesus said “No.” Jesus told him to stay.  The people needed a preacher.  Life is hell without one.  Jesus told him, “Go to your home to your own and spread the message of what the Lord {Jesus – that is, God} has done for you, how he has mercied you” (5:19).  The man didn’t have to go everywhere Jesus went to follow him to be a disciple.  This is vocation.  The man could stay where God had set him.  But life did change.  He was a follower of Jesus, even as he remained where he was.  He’d been preached to and shown mercy.  He had been made clean – something he could never have been on his own.  God had come from outside of him and made his whole inside and out.  He was now the sane man in a land of crazies, people who sent away the Savior.  And so he lived, salt and light, set free and firmly planted. 

How has the calling God given to you similar to the calling that Jesus gave to the man from the Gerasenes?

How can you serve the Lord Jesus as salt and light, how can you bloom where you have been planted?