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St. Matthews Lutheran Church of Danube Welcomes You

In service to Christ, our family of believers at St. Matthews strive to provide the following:

  • Worship Services   Sunday School  Streaming Worship Services    Bible Classes
  • Confirmation Classes   Adult Information Classes  Scriptural Counseling
  • Choir  Ladies Evening Circle   212 WELS Soccer Camp  Marriage Counseling
  • Youth Group: 212 Teens 4 Christ   Shut-in Visitation  and more


Streaming Services Unavailable for a Few Weeks:

For the next few weeks we will not be able to offer the live-streaming of our services.  Our computer which runs this program is being repaired.  We are very grateful for the ability to stream our services when things are working properly and we pray that they may be the case again very soon.


We were so thankful that Mike Westendorf  joined us for worship on Sunday, July 16. 

Follow the link below to watch our Sunday, July 16 service featuring Mike Westendorf


May God continue to bless his family and the work that their are carrying out for the kingdom of God.


Summer Schedule 

Worship Service – 9:30 am

Join us for worship this summer.  If you are out of town for the weekend make use our our Tuesday Night Worship opportunity.

Summer Series: The Book of Romans

The Basics of Christianity:One Word at a Time 


212 WELS Soccer Camp – 10th Annual Soccer Camp – “Jesus Saves!”

The 212 WELS Soccer Camp took place during the week of Aug 7-11.  We had about 90 children attend our camp.  Each day of camp the children received instruction in the game of soccer as well as time in God’s Word.  The kids and coaches both had a great time and  it showed.  A picture display has been set up in the back of St. Matthew’s in Danube.  Check out our  Facebook page to see more images from the camp as well.  Again we thank all the volunteers that contributed to the success of this camp.  We praise God that he blessed our efforts and we pray that the Word that was shared at the camp take root in the hearts of all those who heard the message that “Jesus Saves!”


Little Lambs Learning Center

Preschool and Childcare Center

Open Year Round!  Summer

School Aged – Summer Program Available

“It’s our plan at Little Lambs to keep your child in Jesus’ hands”

For more information visit us at



Volunteers are always welcome!



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